Gregory John Macainsh (Songwriter)

Born:    Melbourne, Australia 30/12/50
Previous Bands:    Spare Parts, Sound Pump, Reuben Tice, Clap Trap, Frame
Instrument:    Bass
First Album Ever Bought:    The Rolling Stones - "Out Of Our Heads"
Fave Band From The Seventies:    Sensational Alex Harvey Band
Favourite Skyhook Memory:    Playing with Brownsville Station in Flint Michigan '76
Current:    Mountainbiking, Co-writing & Production, Perfecting a kosher chicken stock, and now has a law degree.

Favourite Websites:

Redmond Symons (Songwriter, TV Villain)

Born:    Brighton, U.K. - 13/06/49.
Migrated to Australia aged 10.

Previous Bands:    Moloch & The Molecules, Scumbag
Instrument:    Guitar, Keyboards
First Album Ever Bought:    Dr. John - "Dr. John's Gumbo"

Current:    Early morning Radio - 774 ABC

Solo Singles:    "It's Only A Flipside" (EMI '76)
"The Big Time" (Mushroom '87)
"Sex Appeal" (Mushroom '88)

Favourite Websites:

Red Symons


Bob "Bongo" Starkie (Guitar)

Born:    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - 26/7/52
Previous Bands:    Sound Barria, Elevator, Mary Jane Union
Instrument:    Guitar
First Album Ever Bought:    Otis Reading - "Live in Europe"
Fave Band From The Seventies:    The Rolling Stones
Favourite Skyhook memory:    Sunbury 1975 (Melbourne)
Current:    Guitarist for Ol' Skydaddies, Guitar and Vocals for "Bob Starkie & The Purple Gang"

Imants Alfred Strauks AKA "Freddy Kaboodleschnitzer" (Drums)

Born:    Melbourne, Australia 21/12/50
Previous Bands:    Spare Parts, Sound Pump, Clap Trap, Frame
Instrument:    Drums
First Album Ever Bought:    Elvis Presley - "Roustabout"
Fave Band From The Seventies:    Steely Dan
Favourite Skyhook memory:    Landing in America
Current:    Was the drummer for Ol' Skydaddies, now loves to renovate houses.

Graeme "Shirley" Strachan (Vocals)

Born:    Malvern, Australia 2/1/52
Previous Bands:    Frame
Instrument:    Vocals
First Album Ever Bought:    Jimi Hendrix - "Are You Experienced"
Fave Band From The Seventies:    Pink Floyd
Favourite Skyhook Memory:    Sunbury '75
Solo Singles:    "Every Little Bit Hurts" (Mushroom '76)
"Tracks of My Tears" (Mushroom '77)
"Mr Summer" (Mushroom '78)
"Nothing But The Best" (Mushroom '79)
"Christmas in the Neighbourhood" (Mushroom '79)
Solo Album:    "It's All Rock & Roll To Me" (Hammard '80)

Sadly on August 29th 2001 Shirl died in a helicopter accident near Kilcoy, North west of Brisbane, QLD. He is be greatly missed by us all.

Graeme "Shirley" Strachan 1952-2001
Shirl and Fred
Shirl and Fred

Steve Hill

Joined Skyhooks as Lead Singer in 1973. Departed Feb 1974.

Previous Bands: Lillie
Recordings: "Hey What's The Matter" & "Love On The Radio" on the "Highlights of Sunbury 1974".
Vinyl & Cassette.(Mush. L25122) - Now Deleted

"All My Friends Are Getting Married" (Demo Version) from the "Demos & Dialogue Rarities" Box Set.
(Roadcase. Mush. D80985) - Still Available

Sadly Steve Hill passed away on 31st October 2005. His final wish was to play one last show with his Skyhooks mates, which he did on 13/9/05 at the Annandale Hotel, Sydney.

Peter Inglis

Joined Skyhooks on guitar in March 1973. Departed July 1973.

Previous Bands: Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band, Spanner.
Recordings: Ron Rude LP (1981)

Peter Starkie

Bongo's older brother joined Skyhooks before him, March 1973. Departed July 1973.

Previous Bands: King Bees, Lipp & The Doubledecker Brothers.
Recordings: Possible live JoJoZep track.

Bob Spencer

Joined Skyhooks after the departure of Red Symons in February 1977. Part of the lineup till it's demise in June 1980. Currently plays guitar in the RAW Brit live show.

Previous Bands: Finch. (Went on to join The Angels / Angel City after Skyhooks.)

Singles: "Party To End All Parties" (Mush '77)
"Women in Uniform" (Mush '78)
"Meglomania" (Mush '78)
"Over The Border" (Mush '79)
"This Town is Boring" (Mush '80)
"Keep The Junk In America" (Mush '80)
"Hooked on Hooks" (Mush '82)

Albums: "Guilty Until Proven Insane" (Mush. '78)
"Live! Be In It" (Double - Mush '78)
"Best of Skyhooks" (Mush. '79)
"Hot For The Orient" (Mush.'80)
"Skyhooks Box Set" (Vinyl / Cassette) (Mush '83)
"Skyhooks Roadcase" (CD) (Mush '96)

Other Recordings: The Angels - "Beyond Salvation" (1990)

Tony Williams

Joined Skyhooks after Shirley's departure in January 1979 and stayed with the band till their demise in June 1980.

Previous Bands: Stunned Mullets, Reuben Tice.
Singles: "Over The Border" (Mush '79)
"This Town Is Boring" (Mush'80)
"Keep The Junk In America" (Mush'80)
"Guitar Thunders In My Hand" (From The Vault '88) - Free flexi disc single with magazine.

Albums: "Best of Skyhooks" (Mush. '79)
"Hot For The Orient" (Mush.'80)
"Skyhooks Box Set" (Vinyl / Cassette) (Mush '83)
"Skyhooks Roadcase" (CD) (Mush '96)